About Me

Lists are easy, so that's what I'll do--I'm going to tell you the stuff that I care about, even if it's not that important:
  • I'm 23. It's pretty neat so far.
  • I have two parents, who are fabulous, and a wicked cool "little" brother (he's taller than me now, of course).
  • I say "wicked" a lot. Blame it on fact just below.
  • I grew up in Massachusetts and Maine. I love both states for different reasons and I can't imagine living outside of New England (I really can't even imagine living south of Massachusetts). And yes, I do have an accent, but it's slight (you should hear my husband though--awesome cross between French and Mainer, i.e. typical Lewiston, Maine voice)
  • I like accents.
  • I've known my fantastic husband for almost five and a half years. We'll be married for three in August!
  • We have one three year old daughter who is perfect.
  • I'm was a Secondary Education major with a concentration in English, which means I'm certified to torture teenagers...and I'm quite good at it. ("Ms. P., you give sooooooooooo much work!" Yet I never assigned homework--not really sure where all the groaning comes from.)
  • I had my daughter my Sophomore year of college...and graduated with a 3.7 GPA. Not bad.
  • I have a scar on my leg that I've told people is everything from a slash from a knife fight to a shark bite (most of these people have been under the age of 8). It's really from shaving (that sucker BLED for about three days).
  • I get very...erm...excited about politics and religion, you know, those two things you aren't suppose to discuss. Ha.
  • I still am not entirely sure what I want to be when I "grow up." I've wanted to be everything from an astronaut/astro-physicist (I was reading a lot of Madeline L'Engle at the time) to an anthropologist, to a journalist, to a college professor. For now it's teacher, but I'm very good at changing my mind.
  • I can swear like a sailor.
  • I like ellipses...(Sorry about that...I know it can get annoying...)
  • I started college as a creative writing major, but switched to education, mostly because I realized I wanted to teach, but also partially because I couldn't stand a lot of the other creative writing majors. A lot of them were going through that starving artist mode and writing Twilight-esque crap (sorry if you like Twilight. I don't.)
  • I hate Twilight.
  • I don't really wear make-up, never blow-dry my hair (It's just too long! Who has that sort of time?).
  • Above all, my family (husband, kiddo, parents, brother, extended family, even my in-laws) is the very most important thing to me. I love them all (in-laws included, I promise) and wouldn't have picked anyone diferent, given the chance. They are the people who have made me who I am, and I like that person.
  • I love all things vintage.
  • I'm a wanna-be homemaker and admirer of Martha Stewart.
  • I wish I were more artistic/crafty.
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