My Ultimate To-Do List

I'm a new follower of the blog The Fordeville Diaries, and on this blog there is a really spiffy section called the "Ultimate To-Do List." So, here I am, copy-catting a bit (if you want to check out The Fordeville Diaries, which you should, here's the link).

I love lists. Like, really love them, so putting down all the things I would like to do in one massive list is sort of the way for me to go. It's a nice way to organize my thoughts and a great way to see everything in area. So, here is my ultimate to-do list, in no particular order:

  1. Move into our new house (freebie!)
  2. Backpack through Europe
  3. Have another baby
  4. Get pack to my high school size (if not a bit smaller)
  5. Graduate from college (yeah, this is a bit of a freebie, too)
  6. Start a vegetable garden
  7. Raise chickens
  8. Only use homemade bread
  9. Run a 3K
  10. Check out those super fancy houses in Conneticut at Christmas
  11. Visit Montreal
  12. Climb Mt. Washington in New Hampshire
  13. Take the train to New York City
  14. Take a train to Boston
  15. Learn how to use my sewing machine
  16. Sew more things (I think this deserves it's own tab)
  17. Take and frame more pictures of our family
  18. Start writing for myself more often
  19. Finally have a well-stocked pantry
  20. Buy and use more cook books
  21. Try a new recipe every week
  22. Do a food detox
  23. Breastfeed for at least one year when I have another baby
  24. Have the safest, most natural birth experience I can when I have another baby
  25. Swim naked in the ocean (yes, you read that right)
  26. Go to Rome
  27. Go to the Highlands in Scotland 
  28. Spend a summer by the ocean
  29. Go kyaking
  30. Own at least one ridiculously expensive purse or pair of shoes (or both)
  31. Become a certified doula
  32. Become a midwife
  33. Own an inn or a campground
  34. Become a proficient gardener
  35. Take a cooking class
  36. Take a photography class
  37. Buy a brand new car
  38. Go to a spa
  39. Have a pedicure
  40. Swim in the Pacific ocean
  41. Go snorkeling
  42. Travel across the country
  43. Sleep in a hammock
  44. Go on a lobster boat
  45. Visit Williamsburg, Virginia again
  46. Visit the White House
  47. Watch a space shuttle launch (or the future equivalent) in real life
  48. Own a cow
  49. Learn how to make butter
  50. Learn how to make ice cream
  51. Have my picture taken by a professional photographer
  52. Become and stay debt free
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