Friday, September 23, 2011

There Should Be a Dating Websites for Finding Friends

Lizzie starts preschool on Monday (as Elizabeth, since she wants to go by that at school). I think I might die. Of excitement or anxiety, I don't know, but there is potential heart failure in my future.

But I'll update you about school next week.

What I want to talk about is how I don't have any friends. (I've been a bright little ray of sunshine lately, haven't I? No wonder no one hangs out with me any  more.)

Well, that's a lie. I have friends, and their great, but they're friends from high school. Friends who haven't had kids yet. Friends who are wonderful, but don't always get all the "mom" stuff I deal with. And that's okay. They aren't there yet, and I respect that.

But I really want some mom friends.

And with Lizzie starting preschool, I thought that maybe this would be an opportunity for me to meet some moms and maybe, I dunno, make some friends.

Well, today was open house for the preschool, so all the kiddos and their moms and dads and even some grandparents came to check things out. While parents mingled and chatted with one another, all seeming to know each other from somewhere (seriously, all of them knew someone), I stood back and watched Lizzie play with some toys and the student teachers and other kids.

I tried to stand near other moms. I smiled. I said hello. I complimented people's kids/babies.

Someone asked me if it was a gold or green student day (the preschool is at a high school, and the days rotate for the high school students who work at the preschool).

I said no, I didn't.

She looked confused.

Lizzie ran over to me and said, "MAMA!"

She looked really confused, then walked away.

She thought I was a high school student.


I am telling you, without fail, this happens to me any time I go to some sort of parent/child function. I'm either the student worker, the babysitter, the older sister, the nanny. Should I just have "I am a parent" tattooed to my head?!

I'm getting tired of this, and I feel as thought it's preventing me from making mom friends. I don't think they realize I'm the mom or they don't take me seriously as a parent (because, apparently being a young parent means you suck and aren't worthy of friendship or at least a cordial greeting). I also realize that I need to be more willing to step out of my shell and talk to people, but it's hard when everyone else is busy talking to one  another and they don't give you a second glance.

I realize I'm getting super pouty and having a bit of a pity-party, so I apologize. I realize this isn't making me out to be someone who people would really want to be friends with.

But, if you're out there mommy friends, I promise I'm not usually this annoying. I'm really fun! I swear! Really!

Please be my friend?

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