Thursday, May 5, 2011

The British Are Coming!!

I saw this on my entertainment news feed this morning and nearly died.

Kate and Wills, my best pals ever (Sorry I couldn't make it to the wedding, guys. School stuff, yeah know?), are coming to the United States!!!!! We're going to be within the same freaking country! Holy crap!

Okay, so they're coming to California, which is, maybe, thousands of miles away from our home, but it's still probably the closest I'll ever be to the royals whom I love so much.

(I'm thinking this is me in my senior years:  )

Okay, so, maybe we're actually closer to the royal family with their in England than when in California (by about 300 miles), BUT this is different. They're in the states. They're on my turf, in my home. I feel like I should clean or something.

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