Monday, May 16, 2011

My New Love

I was wondering as I wrote my previous post what I would do about things I found online that I liked and then I remembered I was recently "invited" to join Pinterest. For someone who LOVES favorite-ing and bookmarking random stuff online, this is made for me.

The basic premise is you "pin" things you find that you like online and share them with others. So, that cute dress you spotted on Mocloth the other day? You can easily "pin" it to a board you create on Pinterest and can consult it later (maybe you are about to go dress shopping and want to find something similar or you need a quick way of getting back to the dress when you have cash to buy it). It's a neat visual way to look at what catches your fancy or pick out common trends in your style AND it keeps everything in one convenient location (much like a notebook filled with magazine clippings :-) ).

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