Saturday, May 7, 2011

Well, That Was Unexpected

As I've mentioned previously, I want to have another baby. This, unfortunately, isn't going to happen for a little while. One of the major reasons for that being DOH. He isn't there yet. However, we've made a potentially huge brake through.

First of all, DOH was watching Pregnant in Heels with me last night (one more weirdo reality show about insanely rich woman Bravo has put out, only these are pregnant). Anyway, one couple had a focus group help decide what their kid's name was going to be (yes, you read that right). One of the names was Miles.

DOH has been adamant for some time that if we ever have a boy that he will share DOH's name (which means he'd also be sharing DOH's bio dad's name, his grandfather's name, and his uncle-to-be's name--this name is way over used in DOH's family). Anyway, when he heard the name Miles last night, he perked up.
"That's not such a bad name," he said. "But I think I like Milo even better." 
"Would you consider naming our next kid, if it's a boy, Milo?" I asked, trying to stem the hope that was coursing through my body.
"Yeah, sure." I was stunned. Completely floored. This was the man who would actually get angry if I talked about naming a boy a name other than his (he'd also get angry if I talked about having another baby, period). I could believe it.

I didn't want to push things. If there is one thing I've learned after being with DOH for five years it's that if he starts to change his mind about something we've been discussing heatedly for a while (read: arguing), then it's best to leave it alone and let him come to the "right" decision (the one I want) on his own. Hopefully this all means he's warming up to the idea of having another baby, and, if it's a boy, naming something other than the traditional male name in his family.

Here's to keeping our fingers crossed.

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