Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good News, Bad News

I feel like every time I blog or talk about something in detail, it winds up not happening. *Sad face* Remember that lovely toile wallpaper I wrote about in the last post? Well, we misread how they listed the prices and it would have cost us well over a $100 dollars (like, $170+) just to wall paper a teeny section of our home. Not worth it.

While I really would have loved to gotten that wallpaper, we just couldn't justify it and figure we'll be taking a trip to Home Depot and pick out some nice but much less expensive wallpaper that we won't feel as bad about spending money on, being exposed to a small child (and someday children) and a small animal (and someday small animals), and feel like we can change, if we want, a few years down the road.

But I am a bit bummed, because I loved the paper, and I hate moving into the house with that stuff still on the walls (especially since I ripped some of it off already...thankfully not too much; sometimes I'm just too impulsive). And our Home Depot trip probably won't be for a few more weeks, so I guess I'm going to have to live with the stuff. I'll keep you updated.

Now on to the good news! As I mentioned Friday, my mom and I were on a mission to find a sofa for our upstairs living room area. The finished basement will have two couches from my parents' house (my mom is giving us a ton of stuff so she has a reason to go get nice, fun stuff, which is great since she went so many freaking years without new furniture--like, 20), but the upstairs needed something, too.

Mom and I set out early Saturday morning and headed south, towards Portland (a.k.a. civilization). Our first (and what ended up being our only) stop was Gobeil's, a furniture store in Gray, Maine that is, unfortunately, going out of business. However, sometimes these things can work to a consumer's benefit, which is why I was able to score a lovely Flexsteel sleeper sofa (bringing out number of sleeper sofas up to TWO, which is really awesome).
So, this isn't the exact sofa we got, but it's very similar. We love it. It is coming in this pretty, warm brownish color that the company is calling topaz, and the fabric is super, super soft and feels really nice, plus, as the sales woman was explaining, is pretty hardy when it comes to stains (which I know is something we have to worry about with Lizzie). We also were able to get two free throw pillows in a really pretty floral pattern. While I'm all about making my own pillows, it's kind of nice to get two free throw pillows, especially in a fabric that I actually like.

Delivery won't be for another few weeks (4 to 6), but we're moving into the new house on Friday. We currently have those free metal chairs I wrote about some time ago sitting in the living room, so, for now, that's going to be our seating in that area. A little uncomfortable, but it'll be so worth it when the couch finally arrives, especially after futon use for the last three years. Ugh.

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