Thursday, April 21, 2011


If you've taken the time to look at the tab labeled "My Ultimate To Do List", and you were bored enough to read through the list, you may have noticed the task, "Try a new recipe every week." So, what I'm about to talk about isn't necessarily a recipe as much as it's a...sandwich. BUT it is something new.

Every once in a while (read: every day), I snoop around on Martha Stewart's website. In addition to the regular Martha site, with the pretty pale blue colors and thousands of activities, dinners, and crafts I have no time/funding to do, there is also the "Whole Living" link (this site coincides with the "Whole Living" magazine). It's all about eating healthfully, being active, and finding your inner piece (like...yuppy hippies). Anyhow, I'm always looking for good breakfast ideas, because I either end up doing the boring old cereal or oatmeal deal, a balance bar, or skipping, which is never a good idea.

I came across this recipe for a Northern European breakfast, basically consisting of a dark break, eggs, turkey, ham, and cheese (mmm...cheese). I decided to give it a whirl this morning.

I went out for a walk/jog first thing, which was great. It was cold, but sunny, and I felt really refreshed and hungry when I got home. I took a slice of pumpernickel bread, some Gruyere cheese, and lean turkey and toasted it on our pizza maker. I threw it on a plate along with some grapes and a big glass of ice water and had a wonderfully relaxing and tasty breakfast.

You'll notice, if you go and look at the recipe (I feel weird calling it that--I feel like more effort should have been involved), that I didn't have the eggs. I'm on Weight Watchers (a program I highly recommend--I've lost 15 pounds in about 4 weeks), and I felt like the turkey slices gave me enough protein and I didn't want to pile on the points this morning.

I really enjoyed making and eating this. It was simple to do, but still felt like I did something different and special for myself, and I love this sort of hearty tasting food. I mean, it may be because I am in fact mostly of Northern European descent (maybe even completely--are England and Ireland considered part of Northern Europe?), but this is my kind of deal for breakfast.

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