Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writing Prompt: A Title

Here's the writing prompt I'm taking on from Mama Kat this week:
Tell us the story behind the title of your blog. What is it? What inspired it? What other options did you consider? Are you happy with it?
I'm a serial blog starter. I usually start (and then get rid of) a blog or two a year. The only blog I've ever kept with some consistency is my book review blog, and that's been fairly silent recently (mostly because I haven't had time to read this year). I always begin with some hope, write with consistancy, and then something happens. I either lose focus, lack the time, or don't have the interest any more.

The last time I started a blog, the goal was to write something under a different topic each day. Very ambitious for someone who sometimes forgets to brush her teeth every day, nevermind finding something to write about under specific heading each morning. It was too restrictive.

With this blog...the focus is very loose, and I attempted to title it that way.

First of all, I LOOOOOOOVE the radio show on NPR "This American Life." I listen to it every weekend, love Ira Glass, and feel tune with different parts of our country afterward. And I like how it tells a story. It isn't reporting, it's skillful and beautiful storytelling. And I enjoy telling stories. I'm not always good at it, and I honestly prefer listening to them, but I like to get my two cents in there, too.

Secondly, I love being at home. I love all things domestic. Just like with telling stories, I'm not exactly a master at all domestic things (or any), but I enjoy it, and with consistent enjoyment comes a certain amount of confidence and then mastery, which would be long term goal, I suppose. I like cooking, organizing, sewing, coming up with systems on how to get things done, and I simply love being at home with my family. While I didn't want to choke myself with "rules" about what I can write about in this blog, because it is for me more than anyone else (though I like that at least a few people read it), I did want some sort of focus, and since one of my strongest interests are all things domestic (and within that being a mother and wife), that settled what I'd write about.

I really didn't consider any other titles. As soon as "This Domestic Life" came to me, it stuck. I knew there wasn't anything better it could be called, and I wouldn't be satisifed with anything. While I'm certainly no Ira glass, and not all my blog entries could be considered stories in the traditional sense, "This Domestic Life" rings the truest when thinking about what my blog is about. I love this title and I love this blog.


Claire said...

great post! my husband loves this american life, too. i really want to start listening to it, but honestly just keep forgetting!

Kirsten said...

It's really an awesome show. I think they do podcasts of each show, or at least some of them, so if you really want to listen to it, but keep missing/forgetting, you might be able to catch it that way.

Thanks for commenting!

Jessica said...

You are ambitious starting new blogs every year. I think your blog title is good because you can switch up your writing and post on pretty much anything.

Angie said...

I found you at Mama Kat's and loved reading your blog. It felt like coming home to a good book and a friend.


Raine said...

Thats a great blog name! I too, love this american life :)

Kirsten said...

Jessica, I don't know if it's ambition as much as it's indesciveness (sp?), but ambition sounds better :-)

Thank you Angie! That was so sweet of you to say! I'm glad you've enjoyed what I have so far. Hopefully it only improves!

And, yeah, Raine, This American Life rocks my socks, as well as the title of this blog, haha.

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