Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Things You Get Excited About When You're a Mom

I came home from school on Friday to this surprise from DOH:

I was really excited, because I had been talking about getting a new blender for ages. Apparently DOH was listening! We had a teeny-weeny blender that was making due for some stuff, but it was getting pretty busted up (I used it a ton with Lizzie was a baby since we made our own baby food). I also love smoothies, so my first order of business the next day was making Liz and I smoothies for breakfast:
Mixed berries and coconut milk were our only ingredients. I used about two cups of berries and 2 1/4 cup of cocnut milk, which made about four cups of smoothie. Next time I probably won't use a berry medley that includes blackberries, because those seeds were HUGE. I also might throw in some plain or vanilla yogurt for a bit more depth in the flavor. I'm on Weight-Watchers, and one serving (I'd say this made about three decently sized ones) was three points, so I suppose if I throw in the yogurt, it'll probably be one or two points more.

I'm really looking forward to whipping of more treats inside my blender. It's going to make things a lot easier for me! 


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