Friday, April 22, 2011

Calling Uncle

I'm not sure where this whole rough streak has come from, but my sweet little girl seems to be practicing for the UFC.

If I am still (or even moving at a vaguely slow pace) for even a moment, there seems to be a swirling tornado of limbs flying in my face, a set of tiny teeth, or teeny weeny fingers pinching me. And I'm constantly being climbed on or being begged for a cuddle (which is never really a cuddle, but an all out tackle or dance party on my stomach). After a near full week of being home (we're on spring break), I am just about tapped out. I want to go sit in the middle of an empty room, on the floor, all alone, where no one can find me, touch me, talk to me, or say my name.

I love my daughter very, very much, and there isn't anything better than just snuggling with her, but after days of feeling like I have a very large leech stuck to me, I feel like I'm ready to call, "Uncle!!"

Does anyone else ever feel like this?

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