Saturday, April 16, 2011

Early Bird Catches the...Furniture?

Eight o'clock, Sunday morning, new house. That's where we're going to be. While I know DOH is not going to be thrilled at the prospect, that's what needs to be done if we want to take measurements of the rooms and take account of what furniture we might be interested in buying off the seller (we haven't completely closed on the house yet--everything still needs to go through; we're looking at another week or so).

At the crack of dawn, we'll make our way down from the western mountains to our new house (I always feel like we're returning to civilization when we drive down to visit our families). We'll go through each and every room, take some pictures, make some measurements (which may lead to furniture shopping later in the day--yay!), and decide if we want some stuff.

There was a lovely old hutch (I don't know if that's the official word for the piece of furniture, but that's sort of what it made me think of) in the kitchen that I know if I don't take it, my mom will want it. There was also a bed in the basement level bedroom that, if it's a queen (I can't remember) we'll probably take. There's also a sofa and a coffee table in the living room that we were interested in. And the bathroom had some lovely storage cabinets that I'd really love to hang on to.

Hanging on to all this stuff will make our lives a little easier, considering we're going from broken down college student furniture to real people furniture. Good-bye futons and milk crates! (Seriously.) We can't afford to buy a lot of furniture ourselves, so we're relying on getting some of this stuff at a slightly discounted rate, plus my parents have offered to buy us a sleeper sofa for the basement room, which will become DOH's "man cave" (side tangent - in my literary theory course last semester a guy did a 20 page psycho-analysis paper on the concept of the "man cave"--it was really interesting!). There is some furniture in storage that we got from my grandmother's house after she passed away, but it's unlikely much of it, if any, will make into our new house. I suppose my family will end up selling a lot of it.

Anyway, even if we decide we want none of the furniture in the house, I'm really looking forward to just being back there. I love that house (our house) and I'm looking forward to being in it and knowing it's going to be the place where our family will be living. I also can't wait to snap some pictures to share!

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