Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hey, At Least It's Not Crack

I love fabric. Love it. Just love it. Some people collect stamps, vintage toys, cats, whatever, but I have a real soft spot for beautiful, soft, quality fabirc. I used to be of the opinion that if you're going to buy any amount of fabric, you darn well be ready to do something with it. I was a little overly practical, I guess. Once I was broken of that habit, I started fabric hoarding. Seriously. It's not as out of control as it could be, because of our limited amount of space (and, erm, funds), but we're on the path to some serious fabric dominations in at least one of our closets.

Here's just some of what I've got:

Love these fabrics, especially the middle with the Russian
nesting dolls--homage to my Russian heritage.

Here are some Minky-esque fabrics. SO soft and cozy. I'm using one
of them to back a blanket for Lizzie.

This fabric is part of a collection. I picked these up (along with some others) at Marden's (a truly Mainer store with significantly discounted products). Our new governor hasn't done much right in my opinion, but he did run a chain of stores with a damn fine selection of fabric on the cheap.
Flannel and fleece! No idea what I'll ever do with the fleece or the blue flannel (I originally was going to make PJs for our neighbor's son, but I never got around to it). I used the larger checked flannel to make a seat cover for my rocker glider...until I ran out of fabric. Now I have enough in the smaller check.

Here are a few fabric projects I have completed:
Curtain I made for our kitchen window. Hi neighbors!! (I'll be happy when this view switches out for our new house's big backyard.)

An apron for Lizzie! We gave her a play kitchen for Christmas this year, so I had to make her an apron to go with it.

This is a quilt I made this summer for Lizzie. I sew EVERYTHING by hand. I'm afraid of my sewing machine and really need to learn how to use it, but I love sewing by hand, so I'm not feeling the pressure to learn. It's too bad, really, because I inherited a really nice Janome from my grandmother when she passed a couple of years ago. I hate that it's just sitting in my closet and not being used. Maybe learning how to use it will be a summer project?

There is a whole mess of other projects I'd like to get to, but I'm waiting until I have a bit more time, money, and reasons to be decorating (it's been difficult to feel like doing that when I know our living situation is temporary). Hopefully things will be in a crafting upswing once we move into the new house!

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