Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Lovin'

As a lot of us know, the past couple of months have been filled with wacky weather. Maybe it was tons (and tons and tons) of snow in early spring, ridiculous amonts of rain, tornadoes, or unseasonably cold temps (or unseasonably warm), either way, things just haven't felt right. Until now.

After weeks (or, at least, what felt like weeks) of lousy, rainy, cloudy, grim weather, we had a full week of almost entirely perfect weather. Warm (even gloriously hot) air, cloudless skies, and beaming sunshine have graced us here in Maine. I spent my afternoons while Lizzie napped lounging in the new house's hammock, inhaling the perfect scent of liliacs (I need to find a perfume that's scented with liliacs), reading a book and eventually falling asleep. I've realized that this is the way I'll likely be able to spend many of my afternoons this summer and I can't say I've much to complain about.

This latest bout of sunshiney weather has infused a new skip in my step. I'm feeling invigerated for the months to come and am looking forward to spending lots of time outdoors. I snapped a few pictures of our outdoor adventures this past week, so I'm goin to share them now.

Cold water! Lizzie playing in the little turtle pool her great-grandparents brought her.

Ah... The good life :-) It'll be nice we get real furniture instead of bright orange folding chairs.

Just one of the many beautiful flowers that have cropped up in our garden.

The pathway down to the saaaaaauna (trust me, not as fancy as it seems) and our firepit.

Lizzie at the park, swinging.

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