Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Family Trip to Old Orchard Beach

Ah! OOB...the mecca for any good French-Canadian (as my husband is). We took our first trip out of the summer this past weekend and enjoyed the sun, surf, and poutine!

I love the buildings in the center of Old Orchard. Very sea-sidey.

The Old Orchard Beach town hall. Such a pretty building.

The beach! And, probably the only place in America where you'll hear more French than English being spoken :-)
Poutine. For the uninitiated, poutine is French fries, gravy, and cheese (not sure what kind of cheese, but it's good), all melted together. It's crazy good.

DOH strapping Liz's boogie board on her wrist.

Liz and her daddy about to hit the surf.

Really enjoying the sand (and this requires deep concentration, apparently).

Me and DOH! Aren't we adorable!

This is the closest we actually got Liz to the water. She took one quick dip in the ocean, it freaked her out, and that was it after that.
 So, I would have loved to have shown you some great pictures of Lizzie and DOH playing in the surf, but both chickened out (Liz, because she was overwhelmed by the waves, though she assures me that next time she'll "jump through the waves" so she doesn't get splashed so much; DOH, because it was tooooooo cold, waaaaah!). Maybe next time?

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