Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top Ten: Terribly Awesome Things I'm Currently Unable to Live Without

  1. My $15 "sea grass" bag from Wal-Mart. And while I'm currently coveting a $45 one from Cold Stone Creek, this one is doing just fine.
  2. Mrs. Meyer's basil scented dish soap and lavendar laundry detergent. OMFG, this stuff makes me want to do the dishes and laundry, a previously impossible task. Love this stuff.
  3. Flip-flops. Whatever pair I can find lying around the house. These are on my feet from March until November.
  4. My super-sweet key chain--a repurposed shower curtain hook (an idea from Martha Stewart).
  5. My camera. I've been taking TONS of photos this summer (something I've had a tough time doing in the past). I don't know what it is, but I've felt a strong need to document EVERYTHING visually this summer.
  6. Stuff You Missed In History Class podcasts. These podcasts are AWESOME. Sarah and Deblina, the lovely and ever-informative hosts, are great, pick the best topics, and you feel like you're listening to a couple of your girlfriends talk about, of all things, history (and really neat history, at that). They cover a wide range of topics and have warded many afternoons for boredom.
  7. Spray on sunscreen. We've been spending a ton of time outside lately, and with all that lovely sunshine comes sunburns (owie!). So, to head it off, a quick spray of sunscreen is what we use. It's fast, convenient, and works wonderfully.
  8. Jergen's Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. With a family history of skin cancer, I've really never been able to justify tanning, either in a booth or by simply sitting out in the sun with no coverage. However, I'm a blond and I'm pale, so I need something to perk up my skin tone a bit and this product from Jergen's does the trick.
  9. Matchbook Magazine. It's a FREE online magazine that is...awesome. It focuses on twenty-something ladies, their interests, their designs, and all that other great stuff. Love it!
  10. My roses. They are all over the place at our house and I've started cutting a few every once in a while to bring into the house. The best ever.

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