Friday, July 8, 2011

Husband Appreciation

An oldie, but a goody...My husband is so cool, isn't he?
I can give DOH a hard time...a lot. And while I don't feel like I ask much of him in terms of housekeeping (basically, "Just pick your crap up," is my request), when I do's not really asking, it's a demand.

Which, in a marriage, isn't necessarily okay. It's a partnership, not a dictatorship. I'm not his overlord (as much as I might try).

However, when I wake up in the morning, long after he's left for work, and I find his clothes at the bottom of the stairs the go up from the basement, I can't help but smile (which might surprise you, since, technically, that's not picking up AND it's a hazard, since, in my morning fog, I could trip and break my neck--just sayin').

You see, DOH is a habitual clothes-dumper. Meaning, he basically walks in the door from work and strips down. Whatever he's worn that day sort of lands in a clump by the coat rack and shoes. The same deal in the morning when changes in the living room (he doesn't do it in our room, since it wakes me up...he is very considerate). He'll simply leave whatever he wore to bed in the middle of the living room.

This has always driven me nuts, since we've always lived in small spaces (small apartments, small house, etc.) and therefore the laundry facility (or pile) was literally about three feet away. When we moved into this house, I explained, "Dude, just throw your crap down the basement stairs, AT LEAST." (Yes, I do frequently refer to my husband as "dude.")

Well, he listened. Actually, he's been listening and doing this since I asked him to make the change. So, this morning, in my morning haze, I decided to recognize his efforts. As I stumbled upstairs I pulled out my cell phone and sent him a text, telling him how much I appreciate what he did. We can't call each other while he's at work, but the text message will be the first thing he sees when he gets back to his phone after work. And, of course, I'll let him know in real life how much I appreciate what he did, but I don't think we can tell our spouses too much how much we appreciate what they do, and my husband, my Dear Old Hubby (DOH), does so much that I am thankful for.

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