Friday, July 1, 2011

I've covered a lot of different topics in this blog, ranging from books, to the royals, to our new house and, really, the whole new life our family is embarking on. But there is one thing, one person, actually, who I feel I don't quite say enough about--my daughter. So, starting today (which, coincidentally marks her 39 month birthday--not that we're so OCD we're keeping track), I'm going to try to write her a little letter or note each month. Just something short and sweet, partly for me, to remember some of the little things, but mostly for her. I want her to know how loved she truly is.

Dear Lizzie,

This is something I wish I had started doing years ago, when you were first born. In fact, I have written you a few little letters, ones that I've tucked away inside your baby book for you to find someday. But I haven't done anything consistent, nothing that let's me see how much you've grown and changed over the last three years. Of course, there is my memory and photographs, stories that your daddy and I share with each other and our friends and family, but I want there to be something for just you, too.

So, here is your first real letter. Yes, it's on my blog, so others will see it, but know this is just for you, no one else, and, at the moment, this is probably the safest place to keep anything I write you, because goodness knows how much longer this laptop will last and any of the files on it!

Right now, you are the biggest star in my life. You rule the house with a benevolent and fanciful fist. It's not difficult to let you have your way, because you so eager and happy about everything. Just this morning, as we were getting ready for the day, you stood stark naked in our big bathroom mirror and put on the most impressive show. You were an exercise guru of some sort, telling "everyone" (not sure who that was) to do jumping jacks. And you were explaining so percisely just how to do a jumping jack. Put your legs out. Now in. Now JUMP! It was so funny and you were so earnest and sweet about it. It made my morning.

That's a perfect example of how you lead your life right now. You have fun, and you do it like it's your job. Having fun and being three are very important things for you. I love that.

You are also very dramatic. Very recently you told me, "All my life you have been so mean, Mama!" You upset, you see, because I had taken away a Barbie you had used to bludgeon me on the head (for fun, you said, as if that made it all better). I had to keep so hard from laughing hysterically at your over-the-top pouty lips and cry as you told me how mean I had always been to you with such feeling. Your grandma (my mom) told me that I'd better watch out, because if you have that flair for the dramatic now, what can I expect when you're a teenager. I'm thinking you'll have gotten all of that out by then and you'll be a perfect angel by the time you hit twelve (yeah...right).

We are having a really wonderful summer so far, with lots of trips to the lake, rides on your grandpa's boat (my dad), and visits from Grammy and Mike (daddy's grandparents). You even spent a night over at your Aunt Shelly's house (daddy's aunt) and went swimming in her pool AND learned to use the big girl potty. You've been wearing undies ever since and we are so proud of you (and thankful for you aunt!). And while we still have quite a bit of summer left (thank goodness), I'm already a little sad about the Fall, when I'll have to go back to work and you (and I'm more excited about this than sad) will go off to preschool. I've really loved our extra time together and I'm going to soak up ever last moment we have together.

You are my sunshine, little girl.

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