Monday, July 25, 2011

Sooo Cool!!

So, I am pleased to announce that I am typing this post straight brand new iPad! I have basically been dying for one of these since they came out last year (and even more so since my mom got one for her birthday). I am a ginormous Apple fan, but the laptops run a wee bit too high for my price range, at least for right now. So, I figured if I was going to indulge and still have some cash left over, this was the way to go.

Okay, so here are the pros and cons so far:

It's super easy to use. Basically, if you can flip a light switch, you can run an iPad.

There are tons of awesome apps and a variety of different things you can do or have you iPad become (T.V., personal planner, child's entertainment system, e-reader, iPod, and the list goes on).

It's totally addictive and just plain fun to use.

It's a device that makes going paperless in many aspects of your life super easy.

There are some small limiting issues, like the inability to access websites that use flash.

Frankly, Blogger kinda sucks on here, because I can't mess around with text editing or insert pictures. Wordpress is better formatted for iPad both in viewing and in blogging. Blogger better get on board soon, or might make the switch...

Because the iPad is more for the consumption of information versus the creation of new material, some features are limiting. It's not as if I'm this top notch web designer or something (not even remotely close), BUT the option is always nice.

Overall, the iPad works for most of the things I do on my laptop, so this works for me and I'm really happy to have it!!

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