Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Need a 12 Step Program

I was up until midnight last night making a young woman fight her husband. I tried to shorten her husband's life so he would die sooner, leaving his wife with his thousands. I genetically engineered their children so they would be more atheletic and charismatic. Seemingly, out of thin air, I gave the family hundreds of thousands in fifty-thousand chunks. I wanted them to be rolling in...simoleans.

I. Love. Sims.

But it's getting out of hand. While I'm not used to having quite this much time free, it seems so stupid (after waking up exhuasted this morning) to be using it all up in front of my laptop. I can also tell I've been using the game too much when I start assessing conversations and social interactions like they do in sims (Did I just loose or gain points in our relationship meter?).

I think it's time to uninstall the game once again and put the CD away, leave it for another time. I've had my fill for now.

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