Friday, July 1, 2011

Toilet Triumph!

As of today, we've gone a full week of Lizzie in underwear only (except at bedtime). This. Is. Awesome! She's using the "big" potty (which I find extremely impressive) and is so proud of herself (and I'm really proud, too!). But the best part of being diaper free? The adorable little girl undies. I know no one is going to see them except for us, but they're just so dang cute! We've stocked up on Tinker Bell and Princess Tiana undies and it's been fun for Lizzie to pick out which pair she wants to wear each morning (it's just about the only thing I'll let her pick at the moment, otherwise she'd perpetually be dressed in a ballet tutu and a sweater).

So, how did this all happen? I have to say, we weren't exactly trying very hard to potty train. Why? Well, honestly, because we're lazy. We knew we'd have to start soon, because Lizzie is heading off to preschool in the Fall (!!!), but we just hadn't gathered up the gumption. We had a small training potty in our bathroom and Lizzie had used it off and on, but wasn't showing any real interest. I was also really worried about what I'd do with her out in public, because I didn't think she'd be able to hold herself up on her own.

Well, last week, she spent the night at DOH's aunt's house and they ran out of diapers. DOH's aunt has deftly raised two children with a no nonsense, but pleasant attitude, and it's a style that worked well in the potty training of Lizzie. She gave her a pair of her daughter's underwear and said, "You need to use the big girl potty so you don't get your cousin's underwear wet. Gotta keep them dry!" And that was it. Lizzie used the big potty and kept the undies dry. And she's been keeping all her underwear dry (for the most part) ever since. I guess it was like a bandaid--we just had to go and do it. She was ready and I guess I wasn't, but now that it's happened, I'm totally on board.
It's all very exciting, but at the same time, it's a definite reminder that Lizzie is fast becoming a kid, and isn't an little baby or even toddler any more. The change is hard, but I think it will be good.

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