Thursday, October 27, 2011

I. Am. MAD!!!! Halloween Edition

Okay, so, all three of our pumpkins, including Lizzie's special one from my mom and our jack 'o' lantern are gone. Stolen and smashed on the side of the road.

I am *insert expletive here* livid.

So, so, soooooo freaking mad.

I know it's Halloween. I know it's what some jerk-off, a-hole people do. I know some people think it's funny.

But I don't care.

What kind of idiocy/cruelty does it take to trek down a looooong, completely unlit driveway to someone's house, steal their pumpkins (including a jack 'o' lantern, which, to me, implies there are little kids involved, and you are therefore stealing a young child's pumpkin, which is just plain MEAN), and then pointlessly smash them in the road in front of their driveway.

Honestly, and I'm sorry if this makes me sound totally lame and over the top, but it makes me feel unsafe. If they don't have a problem coming up on my porch, why not in my house?

Again, I know that this can be something that "just happens" this time of year, but it's really disheartening to know that I can't put a fricking pumpkin on my porch without worrying it's going to lure in some jerk who will smash it to pieces.

And poor Lizzie cried forever over it. I'd like to make who ever did this sit and watch a poor little three-year-old girl ball her eyes out, crying for her pumpkins, saying that she'll never be able to have a pumpkin again because they'll "get lost" again.


And I know there is nothing to do, so I'm writing this completely pointless blog post, that will solve nothing, but maybe make me feel a little bit better.

Perhaps I'll just leave this note taped to our next jack 'o' lantern:
#8 is sort of my favorite. 

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