Thursday, October 20, 2011

What I've Never Done

Here's a prompt (I haven't done one in a while) from Mama Kat.

I'm 23 years old.
And I've never:

1. Left the United States (sad, I know
2. Eaten a kumquat
3. Gone surfing
4. Read Gone with the Wind

5. Appeared on television 
6. Spoken a foreign language fluently
7. Occupied Wall Street
8. Remained unshowered for longer than a day
I'm pretty sure this is my mother-in-law
9. Permed my hair
10. Seen Forrest Gump
11. Supported the New York Yankees
12. Gotten into a fist fight

13. Been to the top of Mt. Washington
14. Made fudge successfully
15. Been to Disney World or Land
16. Gone clubbing

17. Peed in public (like, in the open--I use public restrooms all the time)
18. Lived on my own
19. Been tattooed 
20. DIY'ed a really cool project

21. Served in a political office


Arnebya said...

Ha! Your list made me giggle (especially the things you haven't done that I have (which, no, a couple I am NOT proud of. Moving on)). #8 - Yup, I've been right funky; 9 - I've had a perm; 10 - Run Forrest!; 12 - in high school I beat up a bully who bullied me no more; 15 - whichever is in FL, I've been once; 16 - I used to be the last one standing on the dance floor; 17 - tequila is not always my friend; 19 - I've got 2.

SUPAHMAMA! said...


vinobaby said...

Must read Gone With the Wind!

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