Friday, October 14, 2011

A New Addition to the Family

A while back, we brought home our little friend, Rosie, our kitten. Well, we've welcomed a new furbaby into our family...
Meet Autumn!

She is an eleven week old Boxer/Golden Retriever mix and is maybe the sweetest doggy ever.

DOH and I had talked for a long time about getting a dog, researched different breeds we might be interested in and had decided to start keeping an eye out for dogs we might be interested in purchasing/adopting, either through a shelter, a foster home, or a good family.

We wound up adopting Autumn from a foster family yesterday and are so pleased we did. While she's nearly three months old, there is a lot of work to be done, because her previous owners (prior to the foster home) were very neglectful (which I cannot understand; how can anyone neglect a puppy?!). We're working on all the basics, from sit and stay to getting her to go potty outside only. We realize it's a large undertaking, but I'd rather do it now while we only have one very independent 3 1/2 year old (a letter to Lizzie is long over due, look for one later this weekend!), rather than waiting another four or five years to get a dog after baby number two is at a more independent stage.

DOH has been amazing. He's the one who found out about Autumn and has been doing a ton of research regarding how to train a dog, different stages of a puppy's development, and has been great in sharing the chore the last two days of taking Autumn out to got potty and for walks in the rain (something Autumn isn't terribly thrilled about).

For now, I feel like our little family is kind of complete (I still think we need a fourth human, but we'll be working on that some months down the road). It's such a wonderful feeling, having this little puppy in our family, and, as Charlie Brown says:

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