Friday, August 12, 2011

This Old Town

Based on a few of my previous blog posts (like this one), the following post may come as a surprise...So, brace yourself.

I might actually miss our old digs.

Okay, not so much the digs (okay, not at all), but I do miss our old town.

Today, my mom, Lizzie, and I drove first to the locale of my new job (YAY!!), and then took the hike up to my university to pick up my official transcripts so I can send in for my certification. 

It really is the perfect town. It's geography just stinks (rule of thumb is you must drive an hour to anything).

We walked through the picturesque campus, drove through the small, but lovely downtown area, let Lizzie play at the park, her old stomping grounds. I resisted urge to ask my mom to drive by our old apartment building. (God forbid I get spotted by someone I know and feel forced to stop and talk.)

After graduation, we had left so quickly I feel like I didn't quite have time to "mourn" the loss of the town where I had really grown up, having spent the five most formative years of my life. I mean, this was the town where a huge experience, college, started and ended for me. This was the town where my daughter was born and where her first home is located. This is the town where DOH and I returned to after we got married. That town is where I made some new friends, was a "usual" at the local coffee shop (where they had my order memorized and got free drinks), and had the local used bookstore guy pulling his car over to tell me they "had that book you're looking for" in.

As much as I complained this past spring about having to live there (more specifically, having to live at our apartment), I truly love that town. I always said that if I could just take the town and place it closer to our families and a lake, it would be the perfect place to live (though the real estate would probably be even farther out of our price range).

So, I'm taking this moment to truly appreciate what we've left behind, the place that will always feel a bit like home to our family.

I miss being a townie...just a bit.


SUPAHMAMA! said...

It's hard to leave comfort zones when you've worn them so well. Good luck creating your niche in the new place!

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the supportive words! It really was a fabulous town, but where we are now is pretty great, too. I'm looking forward to some new adventures here!

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