Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Hairs

So, my hair was starting to get kinda funky. After I had Lizzie, I started highlighting my hair, because the color changed (I was pretty light to medium blond before and then I went to a more dull, dirty blond after I had Liz). It had been a while since I had last highlighed my hair (I think since December or January), so it really needed it. Plus, I wanted a cut. My hair had been the longest it's ever been since high school (down past the middle of my back), and while I love my long hair it's NOT accomodating with a little kid, a busy life style, and a husband who moves like he's tackling cattle or something in his sleep and my hair gets caught up.

Anyway, to get the point, I chopped off some hair and lightened it.

So, we went from this (I get that it doesn't really show the whole deal):
This is actually "put together" for me this summer. I couldn't do anything with my hair except throw it back in a ponytail or braid.

To this (really grainy webcam picture):

Don't ask what happened to my face--I look like I'm halfway between having a stroke and posing for an awkward professional photo, BUT doesn't my hair look rockin'?


Kate said...

I'm glad you mentioned your hair changing after pregnancy! Mine has totally changed - so much darker (I've had more than one person mistake me for a brunette, which, hey, no offense against them, but when it takes you your whole life to get used to being a redhead and then embracing it, you don't want someone calling you a brunette!) So I dye it now. And my once all naturally curly hair has odd patches that are completely straight and won't curl. So I straighten it every day basically. The texture is a little different too, although it's really soft, so I'm not complaining about that. But books and Google don't tell you that the hormones of pregnancy will change your hair after you have a kid! We'll see what happens after #2 comes out! I haven't been able to dye it for 3 months now (first trimester) so I'm looking forward to finally doing it this weekend and getting a little brighter red on my head! :)

Your hair looks great by the way!

Kirsten said...

Maybe you'll have a 'fro after #2? I wish my texture had changed at least a little bit after Liz. I mean, I could have handled the dull brown if I suddenly had amazing body to my hair, but no such luck. And red heads are cute, so I can see where you would not want to be a brunette (me neither, obviously).

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