Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Writing Prompt: School's Out!

Top ten reasons why you're glad you're done with school.

For the first time in my living memory, I'm NOT going to school this year. At least not as a student (I am going back to school as the educator rather than the educatee). As much as I love school, love being a student, and, honestly, am a little sad that I'm not heading back to campus this Fall, there are lots of reasons for me to be happy that I'm done with school. Here are the top ten:

  1. I don't have to buy books! My last semester of actual classes (last Fall), my book bill was around $600 for four courses.
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  3. Snotty professors/teachers. "I don't give As in this class." "I don't care what other courses you're taking, this is the most important course you'll take!" "A weekend is more than sufficient to read this book and write a ten page paper." "You're not very good at this, are you?" (From my 9th grade English teacher!)
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  5. Having a class that ends at 1:00 and another that begins at 1:05...across campus.
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  7. Cafeteria food. Bleck.
  8. Our troop of "mannies" (male nannies). Actually, they're DOH's friends, but they've all pulled babysitting duty at least once.
  9. Needing to have three different people to watch Lizzie so I could go to class at really random times.
  10. The school bus I wish I took to school. Source.
  11. Riding the bus. I even rode it my senior year of high school! Embarrassing!
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  13. The DRAMA. Katie's not speaking to Zoe, because Zoe might have maybe kissed Rachel's boyfriend, Adam, and Rachel is Katie's best since first grade, except for that year in fifth grade when Rachel was a Jock and Katie doesn't hang out with Jocks, she's into the Emo group and...How on earth am I supposed to keep all this straight?! And it's all very important when you're in high school.
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  15. Homework. Sometimes it was okay, but other times all it did was completely tear apart my confidence on a subject. Take physics and pre-calc, for example. I should take this time to thank my good friend Catherine for letting me copy her homework.
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  17. Romeo and Juliet. I love Shakespeare and I actually really love this play, but I've had to read it about four times, starting at the beginning of high school all the way to the end of college. I get it now. And I'm done.
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  19. The pressures of being a student and being a kid. Maybe I'm turning into one of those old people who glorifies their childhood, but I feel like I was not faced with the same complex and honestly frightening issues pre-teens/teens and young adults face now (and it's not like I'm that much older). I'm so glad I grew up in the times I did, with the parents I had, and made the friends I keep now.


waytenmom said...

Yes I do wanna comment! I enjoyed this - and I completely agree with #10 - I literally shudder as I watch my 15 year old daughter deal with cyberbullying (among other things). I picked this prompt but then left my 10-item list at a place where it couldn't be retrieved, which is how I ended up with a 1-item list! Take care!!

J said...

Brilliant list! Stopping by from Mama kat's.

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