Sunday, August 28, 2011

Battening Down the Hatches

Irene is here!
Yesterday, DOH and I went out to celebrate our third wedding anniversary and you wouldn't have thought that anything like what is happening outside of my house right now was on its way.

While the crazy wind hasn't hit us yet (and it sounds like we won't get anything much over 45 MPH, which, of course, is still really fast, but it's not the 70-80 MPH that had originally forecasted), the rain is intense. In this part of Maine, you don't normally see these prolonged bouts of terenchal downpours.

The only thing that's really making me nervous?

We still need to hit up the local grocery store for some if-the-electricity-goes-out (which it probably will) supplies.

We're not awesome at preparing for emergencies, apparently.

The good news? I'm married to Mr. Survival, so he has, for one, lots of supplies for emergencies (besides the nonperishables, apparently, which, in my opinion, or sort of important)...somewhere (we're having some trouble finding our extra batteries, second lantern, and first aid stuff, BUT DOH did find a couple of his buck knives, for, you know, our defense in case there are mass riots post-hurrican). For two, I know he has a plan in place. Has he found the time to explain it to me? No. But is there a plan? I don't doubt it.

Now, I really don't expect anything drastic to happen, especially since the storm is tracking to the west of us (hitting more of New Hampshire and Vermont than Maine), but I am anticipating losing electricity since we live in the willywacks and any storm in Maine without losing electricity for a day or two would just feel wrong (Ice Storm of '98--we lived with my grandpa at the time on a dirt road and we lost electricity for eleven days).

If Mainers are anything, they're hardy. This storm, which seems as though it's going to end up being pretty mild in comparison to what was expected, isn't going to shake anyone. Instead, I think it'll just carve out a nice little Sunday for my family, where we watch movies, take our time prepping ourselves for the week, and hunker down with grilled cheese sandwhiches and soup for supper and something else warm and hearty for supper.

Come on in, Irene. wWe're ready for you.

Mostly because we don't have to be that ready.


For one, I've definitely learned my lesson on not reading something before hitting the publish button. Hoo-wee, that was bad.

Secondly, the worry that we weren't prepared for a potential electrical outtage was all for not. Other than the lights flickering a bit (and subsequently stopping a rousing game of Mortal Kombat between my husband and I while Lizzie napped), we didn't get much action.

I have a few friends who have lost electricity, or, in the case of one, has been blocked from going down his road all together, but for the most part, Irene has turned out to be a big dud.

Did I want horrifying destruction and mayhem?


But it would have been fun to hunker down for the night, to play card games by lantern light, to read an actual paper book rather than waste the battery on my Kindle or iPad. (Of course, we could still do all of this, and maybe we will, but it's always more fun when you have to.)

Oh, well. We have plenty of winter storms to look forward to.

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