Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Misplaced Baby Fever

I mentioned last night in my letter to Lizzie that we recently have made a new acquisition: a kitten named Rosie! She was named by my husband in honor of Caillou's little sister (if you're not familiar with Caillou, it's a telelvision show on PBS that Lizzie is obsessed with). We are all absolutely in love and thrilled to have a kitten in the house again. (We had literally lost our wonderful three-year-old cat Angus about a month ago, and are afraid that he's met his end somewhere in the woods behind our house.)

Now, I'm not normally one of those people who gets super obsessed or even overly attached to family pets (no "furbabies" here--though I did really love Angus), but some sort of switch went off when we decided to get this new kitten, and I blame it on some major baby fever I've been having. Since we decided to wait (again) on the whole second baby deal (talk to me next summer), I found myself more than willing to throw myself into the "parenting" of our new kitten. I'm researching how to "kitten proof" your house (coincidentally, it's not that different from baby proofing), how to litter train, what the best food for a kitten is, and what sort of toys are. It also led to an hour in Wal-Mart and $30 shelled out...despite the fact that we already had all the basics at home. But who could resist this?:

Rosie is really sweet and has certainly grown more comfortable in our house over the last couple of days. It's so nice to have another little life in the household!

I'm looking forward to seeing what little shenanigans Rosie and Lizzie get up to over the years!

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