Monday, August 8, 2011

Lizzie Appreciation

Early last month, I decided I wanted to write a post to Lizzie every month. Well, it's been about a month (and one week), so it's that time again.

Without further ado...

Dear Lizzie,

You. Are. Crazy! But in the best possible way. This month you've really latched on to two things: your sense of humor and your sense of discovery. You are constantly making us laugh and are learning really fast what we all think is really funny. You come up with the most clever little lines, either on purpose or accidentally, and we're constantly repeating them to friends and family. I used to keep a little journal of all the cute things you'd say...I need to start doing that again! (Very sadly, the one I was keeping was lost when my laptop crashed :-( ).

Just last week we visited my Aunt Alice (your great Aunt Alice) at her house by the ocean. Grandma bought you a little magnifying glass at a store and you've been using it nonstop ever since! Everything needs to be investigated, checked out, and glanced over. Also, while at the ocean by Aunt Alice's, you over came your fear of the waves! By the end of the day, you were playing in the water, riding the waves with Grandma and Aunt Alice's help, and looking for snails and crabs in the rocks (more of your inquisitiveness on display).

And recently two very exciting things happened for you. One, you finally got to go to Funtown and Splashtown with me and Daddy and Uncle Bill. You road a bunch of rides, played in some pools, and went down a water slide with Daddy! Two, you got a new kitty! You and Daddy named her Rosie and she is beautiful. You're having a little bit of trouble playing gently with her now, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it with time. For now, you're really helpful in helping me pick up her things and getting her fresh water for her to drink.

July was a wonderful adventure and I can't wait to see what the rest of August will bring us!


Mama (though, you are calling me Mommy now)

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