Saturday, August 20, 2011

Top...However Many I Come Up With: iPad Apps

I mentioned a few weeks ago (here) that I had acquired an iPad 2 (the mention of the "2" is really important). I think after nearly a month's worth of time qualifies me to talk about some super neat apps that I'm obsessed with really enjoying. If you have an iPad or even an iPhone or iPod Touch (because some of these have a version for both), I definitely recommend checking the following out.

  1. Houzz. If you're totally into interior design and love virtually house crashing people's pads, this is a wicked cool app. They  have hundreds of thousands of photos of beautifully designed houses in tons of different styles. You're able to go through the photos, which are sorted by room and design style, and make notes on different rooms, and then save them to different folders called ideabooks. So, for example, I have folders for kids' rooms, bathrooms, ideas for our house, etc. You can also check out ideabooks by other designers and other users of the app. Free.
  2. Period Tracker. If you're like me and the mysteries of womanhood are still a bit mysterious to you, then this might be the app for you. This little app helps you track when your period is most likely to occur (even if you have a longer or shorter than usual cycle, like me), when you're most fertile, and allows you to quickly and easily document menstrual and even possible early pregnancy symptoms. If you feel a little out of sync with what happens with your body each month (and I am most definitely one of those people), this is a really great and convenient app. Free version.
  3. Evernote. This is a wicked neat app, especially if you write or blog, study, or need to take notes. I would have loved this app in my early years of college when I was still taking classes where I needed to memorize facts or take tons of notes. Anyhow, Evernot allows you to take and organize notes, take pertinent pictures to whatever your writing about, and record audio. You can sync all the information with your laptop and your smartphone or tablet. So, imagine you're a college student in a lecture hall. While you're taking notes, you can record the lecture. I would have killed for this app when I was taking biology my freshman year of college. And it's been enormously helpful in getting ideas down for my blog.
  4. Touch Pets: Dog. This app is a game and it is my Farmville. You adopt a puppy, you play with it, you earn coins and XP points, they try to get you to buy more coins with real money, and it's completely pointless--but in a fun kind of way.
  5. M.A.S.H. Okay, totally not related to the show from way back when (my parents used to force me to watch reruns), but instead, it's a throw-back to that old middle school game where you pick five guys you might want to marry, where you'll live, what car you'll drive, how many kids you'll have, etc. This game could keep me occupied for hours (okay, about 30 minutes, but still, it's really fun).
  6. Kindle. I love me some books and I love my Kindle (which is currently on the fritz, boo!), and I love the Kindle app for the iPad. While there is an e-reader app on the iPad, I am an Amazon devotee and I feel like there is a better selection of free e-books for the Kindle, so I downloaded this app. Anything you can do on the Kindle, you can do using the Kindle app on the iPad (except for the games, which stinks). The obvious disadvantage of the iPad vs. the actual Kindle, besides size difference, is screen glare, which does make a difference for those of us who are big beach readers (and is why I'm looking into getting my Kindle fixed A.S.A.P.).
  7. My Recipe Book. This is so cool! You can save recipes from your own collection (and I have tons that I've pulled from magazines), recipes you find online, and can search a huge database of recipes already available on the app. Plus, with the iPad 2, you can take pictures of whatever you've made and save it with the recipe. This is one of my favorite apps and is wicked useful!

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